Madison Recruiting Solutions Inc is the pioneer of organized recruitment in US. Our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to requirement.

Madison Recruiting Solutions enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment at the junior, middle and senior management levels . Finding the right contractor for a temporary assignment can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We make the process simple and efficient with rapid results.

Staff Augmentation

We provide talent acquisition services to companies small, medium, and large (enterprise-level). We combine industry knowledge with state of the art recruitment strategies to help you acquire, manage, and optimize your own talent searches. We provide business smart solutions and proven results.

Talent Acquisition Consulting Services

Why consider Talent Acquisition Consulting? There are many reasons, but the most important one is the inevitable and constant changes that demand new approaches to acquiring talent. Just as technology is constantly updated, so is recruiting technology.

Our team has worked with some of the largest enterprise and Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. During those times, we have also partnered with three of the largest public accounting/consulting firms that include KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte audit and business assurance practices.

Talent Acquisition Services

We offer the following services:

Job Posting Services

  • Help with job ad creation or writing a complete job description
  • Post to the #1 job site on the internet – Indeed
  • Route all candidates to your preferred business email address
  • Posted for 30 days

Recruitment Assistance

  • Customized Search Plan
  • Customized Job Posting
  • Automated Candidate Screening
  • Post to the #1 job site – Indeed
  • Posted for 30 days, no hiring limits.

Recruiting Consultant

A sliding scale based on salary. Fees are typically 30% less than traditional services.

  • Dedicated Talent Professional
  • Recruitment Advisory Consulting
  • Customized Search Plan
  • Pre-Screening Interview Questionnaire
  • Customized Interview Guide
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Offer Management
  • Background Checks

Official Website: J-Madison

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