Right Platform For Online Radios

iCowboysMedia Company released our new website for CuckooRadio.com. This website works based on online radios with collection of own maked live and artist radio stations. Live Radios consists of your favorite songs in various categories (popular music, dance ,pop, country, folk music, rock, talk, classical…) and comedy shows from our 24/7  live music.

    • Each radio play with programs based songs schedule.
    • Each radio has separate page with good graphics.
    • Each radio play variety of songs and you can save the station which you can like in favourites.
    • Each radio play with 5.1 surround audio systems with 128kbps.
    • Each radio scripts written by script writer.
    • Easily access our website using guest login and hear radios in free.
    • Not at all for hear, you can read cinema news in our website by click here.
    • Personalized Radio Station plays the company business ads.

Right Platform For Youtube Videos

iCowboysMedia Company released our new youtube channel named as CuckooRadio. We shows a daily news, artists, music directors, actors, actress, jukebox, biography, latest cniema news and their gossips. All get together in one channel.

    • Tamil Jukebox World.
    • Bioscope.
    • Namma Ooru Cinemakaaran.