RJ Balaji, who was last seen in Diya and Annanuku Jai, turns hero with director Prabhu’s LKG.


Balaji Patturaj, a practising radio jockey, made his entry in films with Sundar C’s Theeya Vela Seiyanum Kumaru in 2013. For nearly half a decade, the actor has been doing comedy roles in films.

However, with his upcoming flick titled LKG, he will make his debut as a hero. LKG, directed by Prabhu is tipped to be a political satire film . On November 14, RJ Balaji took to Twitter to share a poster and the film’s release date. 

RJ Balaji will be seen as a politician and the latest poster indicates just that. The poster also takes a jibe at political parties  (mainly AIADMK and DMK) in Tamil Nadu. He is standing amidst freebies like laptop, fan, television, cycle, grinder and many other items.

All these freebies have RJ Balaji’s photo stuck on them, just like how the political parties brand themselves while offering the freebies. The poster might cause a stir with senior leaders from both the parties taking offence.

Recently, Vijay-starrer, Sarkar landed up in trouble because of a controversial scene in which freebies (mixie and grinder) provided by a political party were set to fire.

AIADMK leaders were offended by the scene and demanded the makers to remove it. Sun Pictures, the production house of Sarkar, gave in to the pressure and deleted the scene and muted controversial words

Produced by Isari Ganesh, LKG will release on February. The political satire film has Priya Anand playing the female lead.