Kilipetchu Ketkava

kilipechu ketkava,Mamooty


Kilipetchu Ketkava (transl. Should I listen to the parrot?) is a 1993 Tamil-language Indian romantic comedy film, directed by Fazil, starring Mammootty and Kanaka in lead roles.Chidambaram, a newly appointed school teacher, stays in an allegedly haunted house. He comes to an agreement living with the ghost of the house, Shivakami, who actually pretends as a ghost to him. The relationship builds on and both end up in love. Climax is an unexpected tragedy.



No Title Lyrics Singers Composer Length
1 “Adichu Viratuven” Vaali Mano, Surendar Govind Vasantha 4:08
2 “Anbe Vaa Arugile” (Female) Vaali S. Janaki Govind Vasantha 5:08
3 “Anbe Vaa Arugile” Vaali K. J. Yesudas Govind Vasantha 5:08
4 “Sivakami Ninaipilae” Vaali S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki Govind Vasantha 5:02
5 “Vaanamai Naan” Vaali Saindhavi, Govind Vasantha Govind Vasantha 3:57