Movie Rating 4 / 5


Virumaandi is a 2004 Indian Tamil-language action drama film written, co-edited, produced, and directed by Kamal Haasan, who also performed in the title role. The film revolves around the interview of two prison inmates, firstly, Kothala Thevar’s (Pasupathy) life sentence, and secondly, Virumaandi (Haasan), who is sentenced to be hanged. The criminals express how they feel about the direction that their lives have taken and how they have ended up where they are. The film’s narrative is based on the Rashomon effect. The film revolves around the controversy of the death penalty.

The cast also includes AbhiramiNapoleonRohiniShanmugarajan, and Nassar in pivotal roles. The film’s score and soundtrack were composed by Ilayaraaja. It was dubbed into Telugu as Pothuraju. The film won critical acclaim and was a commercial success at the box office. This film acquired cult status in Tamil cinema and inspired similar themes.



No Title Lyrics Singers Composer Length
1 “Onnavida” Kamal Haasan Kamal HaasanShreya Ghoshal Ilaiyaraaja 6:25
2 “Andha Kandamani” Muthulingham Ilaiyaraaja, Kamal Haasan, Karthik Raja,S.N.SurendarTippu Ilaiyaraaja 3:28
3 “Anna Lakshmi” Ilaiyaraaja Kamal Haasan Ilaiyaraaja 3:23
4 “Sandiyare Sandiyare” Ilaiyaraaja Shreya Ghoshal Ilaiyaraaja 3:09
5 “Karbagraham Vitu Samy Veliyerathu” Muthulingham Ilaiyaraaja, Kamal Haasan, Karthik Raja, S.N.Surendar,Tippu Ilaiyaraaja 4:40
6 “Karumathur Katukulae” Muthulingham Mary, Periya Karuppu Thevar, Sukumar, Thiruvudiyan, Karunanidhi Ilaiyaraaja 7:00
7 “Kombulae Poov Suthi” Ilaiyaraaja Kamal Haasan Ilaiyaraaja 5:01
8 “Maada Vilakkae” Muthulingham Kamal Haasan Ilaiyaraaja 3:36
9 “Magarasiyae Manna Vitu Poniyae” Muthulingham Theni Kunjarammal Ilaiyaraaja 3:36
10 “Nethiyelae Pottu Vai” Muthulingham Karunanidhi, Sukumar, Thiruvudiyan Ilaiyaraaja